Two Necklaces, One Story

I am very excited to post the very first guest author, Blake Forbes, on Own The Moment. Make sure you check out Blake’s blog page. The link is at the end of her post! Enjoy!


Before Christmas came around, I had the urge to get two necklaces from a company called Our Spare Change. One …

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Lack of Patient Family Lodging

After I got home from spending some time with my family at the beach, I started thinking of all the things coming up in the next two weeks. I will be returning back to work after being off for an extended amount of time. My son will be turning 17 and I will be going back up to Pennsylvanian for another treatment. I began to look back at all the trips we have made to Pa and how blessed we have been to be able to stay with a host family. Okay, you’re asking what is a host family and how did you get in contact with them? I am glad you asked that question! We use an organization called Host For Hospitals, Solving The Problem of Lack of Patient Family Lodging!

When we first found out I had cancer, one of the last things we thought about was family lodging. We were just thinking about my health and what treatments were available. We made an appointment to see my oncologist. After a long talk, he recommended we go see the doctors at UVA. So, a week later we made the trip to Charlottesville, VA. We had another long talk with the doctor and we decided the best place for treatment would be at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Pennsylvania. At that time, I began to think, where are my family and friends going to stay while I am in treatment?

So, I started looking at places to stay around Philadelphia. As I started looking at hotels, the realization of the amount of money we were going to spend was becoming overwhelming. If I was going to put my wife in a decent place to stay, I was looking at $150 a night. If I stayed in downtown Philadelphia, it would be more than that. So, I started doing the math. Treatments every month. First month, three days at hotel. Second month, two days at the hotel. This would be our rotation for the year. That would be 30 nights for the year at $4,500 and that did not include gas or food. I started to panicking just a little. I was like where am I going get the money for doctor bills, lodging and still try and keep life normal for my family.

We went to church the next Sunday and we went up to the Altar for prayer. My church family joined us and we began to pray for healing, the doctors, treatments and all the issues that come with dealing with cancer. After the service was over, our pastor’s daughter came up to us and said we need to give Host for hospitals a call before we go to Pennsylvania. We were like what is that? She said it is a nonprofit organization that put people with medical issues with a host family during treatments. She said they only charge you $10 a night. Then she said you need to ask for a specific family because they are just awesome!

So, I gave Host for Hospitals a call and explained the medical issues I was having. I asked for this specific family as I was instructed to do. Within a couple hours I got a phone call back telling me that everything was set up for us to stay with the family we asked for. So, our first stay in Pennsylvania was $30 instead of $450. This was such a blessing for our family and took some of the financial burden off of us.

Over the past year we have been able to stay with the same family every time we go to Pennsylvania. They have become our extended family and have been such a blessing to me and my wife! They are just wonderful people who love the Lord and they love to help people!

There is a little twist to this story. See, a couple of months prior to me finding out I had cancer, our Pastor’s daughter had to stay in Pennsylvania for three to four months. She had a procedure done and had to stay there on bed rest. At the time I am sure they were asking why are we having to go through this…See not only was God working through their situation, He was paving the path for me several months later. God is just awesome!

So, if you are going to Philadelphia area for treatment and you need a place to stay, make sure you give Host For Hospitals a call. They will be glad to house you and your family while you are going through your medical issues.

Make sure you go to their web site to get the history of the organization.  I also have a link to their site on my Featured Sites page at Own the Moment.

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The Excitement Is Building for the Future!

Wow, can you believe that the year 2018 will be here in less than 24 hours! It’s hard to believe that the year 2017 is almost over. As I look back this past year, I have realized how blessed I am! During this past year, God has been with me and my family through every step of my cancer treatments. He has given me a peace that can only come from Him! He is showing me new things about life every day. I can tell you the excitement is starting to build because I can’t wait to see what the Lord has for me and my family this year…and how He is going to use this site for His Glory!

I am excited to announce the first featured music Artist for 2018, Micah Tyler. Tyler was nominated for New Artist of the year at the 2017 GMA Dove Awards. He has toured with MercyMe, Big Daddy Weave, Hawk Nelson, Phil Wickham, Stars Go Dim and more. Throughout the month of January, I will be posting new songs by Tyler. So, make sure you go and check him out on the Featured Music Page at

In January, Own The moment is going to have their first guest blogger, Blake Forbes. She went to Menchville High School and now attends Liberty University. I am excited to hear what the Lord has put on her heart to share. You can read some of her past blogs at Faith.Family.Friends.

I am working on my next blog called, What has a grip on your life? This past year God has shown me how we compromise and let little things come in our life that should not be there. Over time these little things get bigger and start to take a grip on our lives. I hope to have this out by the end of next week!

2018 is going to be an exciting year! I am looking forward to see what God is going to do in my life and the people around me. Please continue to pray for this site. That God will use it to speak into people’s lives though blogs and music!

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Own The Moment

It has been some time since my last post. I just wanted to let everyone now that i am working on a new site. The name of the site is going to be Own The Moment! I want to use this site to encourage people to own the moment’s in their life, the good and the bad. We are only giving one life on this earth, so we need to give 100% each day. Please keep me in your prayers as I set everything up. 

When everything is complete you will be able to go to to view the site. 

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